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  • The Highway

    A man was driving down the highway when another car starts to tailgate him. To make some room between them, the man in front speeds up and pulls ahead. As he speeds up, the car behind him speeds up and matches his speed. Again, the man speeds up to make some room between the two...
  • Simple Test

    A man stops by his doctor’s office. He tells his doctor of his concern for his wife’s hearing. “She doesn’t answer me when I ask her questions.” He told his doctor.   After a lengthy conversation, the doctor thinks of a simple test the man can do: “Stand about twenty feet behind your wife and...
  • Old Couples

    Two old couples got together to reminiscent about the old times and laugh about life. One of the gentlemen, Harold, started raving about this great restaurant he and his wife visited not too long ago. “Really?” The other old man asked. “What was the name of this place?” Harold thought for a second before asking,...
  • Private Jet

    Three fathers we sitting in a bar bragging to each other about how successful each of their sons was. The first father declared, “my son is a successful doctor. In fact, he just bought his best friend a brand new car.” “That’s all fine and good.” Said the second father. “But my son is a...
  • One More Chance

    Frank came into work late one day and his boss was noticeably upset: “You’ve been late almost every day this month! You’re fired unless you give me a good reason why!”   Frank thought for a moment then began to speak, “Sorry, boss. I always have late night plans. I know everyone worth knowing and...
  • Three Guys

    Three guys were walking through the desert. All of them were thirsty, tired, and hot. All of the sudden, one shouts that he sees a broken down car not too far ahead of them. All three men race to the car and the first guy pops the hood and grabs the radiator.   “Whenever I...
  • Interstate 45

    A young man was watching the news when the reporter switched to the traffic. “A car is driving in the wrong direction along Interstate 45, be careful if you must drive on that road.”   The young man remembers that his grandmother is driving that way and calls her up to warn her. “Hey, Grandma,...
  • A Magic Bag

    A young pot head starts to smoke. His neighbors, an older christian couple, get sick of the smell seeping through the walls and call the cops. After a few minutes, the young man hears a knock on his door and hears “sir, open up, it’s the police.” The young man stuffs his bag of weed...
  • Fascinate

    Mrs. Jennings began each vocabulary lesson by asking the students to use a word in a sentence. “Okay, class,” she announced, “who can use the word ‘fascinate’ properly in a sentence?”   Mary shot her hand up and, before Mrs. Jennings could call on her, she said “I went to Alaska over spring break and...

    A mom and dad who were suspicious of their son skipping school walk into his room with a machine that beeps when it hears a lie. The dad asks the son, “Son, were you at school today?”   The son replies, “Of course I was!” BEEP! “Okay,” says the son, “I skipped to go to...
  • A Million Birds

    A man walks into a bar and sees a man sitting at a table with a tiny man playing a tiny piano. “Hey, where’d you get that?” The man asks. The sitting man pulls a lamp from his pocket and tells him to rub it and wish for anything he wants. “Be sure to speak...
  • Choose One

    Young Grant was never the smartest boy on his block and the other kids would often make fun of him. One of their favorite jokes was to offer Grant a dime and a nickel and tell him to choose one.   Grant would always take the larger of the two: the nickel.   One day,...
  • Orange Lamborghini

    A busty blonde woman walks into a New York bank and goes straight up to the counter. “Hello,” the man behind the counter says to the woman. “How can I help you today?” The blonde has to think for a moment and finally says, “I need a loan of two-hundred and fifty dollars.” The bank...
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  • Millions Of Stars

    Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Watson were hiking one day in the woods when it began to get dark. Sherlock had seen their trip lasting longer than a day and brought camping supplies. The two set up camp and crawled into the tent.   A few hours pass and Watson wakes up to Sherlock shaking...
  • The Laundry

    – I was going to take your jacket to the laundry and accidentally found this small plastic bag with a strand of hair. May I ask you why do you need a plastic bag with hair in your pocket? – Oh, never mind. I always have it with me when I go out. In case...
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