A Magic Bag

A young pot head starts to smoke. His neighbors, an older christian couple, get sick of the smell seeping through the walls and call the cops. After a few minutes, the young man hears a knock on his door and hears “sir, open up, it’s the police.”

The young man stuffs his bag of weed into his back pocket and answers the door. The police officer smells the weed and pushes his way into the apartment. After a few moments of searching and talking, the officer notices the bag sticking out from the young man’s pocket and exclaims “a-ha! Care to explain this, young man?”

The young man quickly responds, “you see, officer, that’s a magic bag of weed. It appeared one day and whenever I try to throw it out or flush it down the toilet, it just hops back into my pocket.”

The officer is sceptical, but the young man pushes the magic bag. At this point, the neighbors wandered from their apartment to the young man’s door to watch the action.

“Fine!” the officer finally agree. “If you can prove to me that your bag of weed is magic, then I’ll let you go.”

The young man agree and shows the officer to the bathroom. The officer drops the bag of weed into the toilet and flushes it. The neighbors’ mouths drop and, after several seconds, the officer looks to the young man and asks, “Well…?”

The young man looks confused and asks, “well, what?”

The cop, getting angry shouts at the young man, “Where are the damn drugs?”

The young man looks even more confused and replies, “What drugs?”


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