Tuna Boat

An old blind guy goes for a job at a lumberyard. During the interview, the owner says, “You’re blind, how can you possibly tell one piece of wood from another?”

The blind guy responds that he can tell you everything you need to know about wood by its smell. So the owner decides to test him and sends a worker out to the yard for some lumber. They lay the first piece on the desk and the blind man walks over, sniffs it from one end to the other and says, “It’s cherry, a 1” x 4” that is 6’ long!”

All the employees are stunned. “You’re right,” says the owner. They get another one and the same thing happens with the blind announcing it’s an 8’ piece of cedar. And again, he’s right.

The owner pulls an employee aside and tells him to go get the secretary, have her take her clothes off and lay on the desk.

Once she is settled in the blind guy starts at one end and sniffs the length of her. He looks stumped, so he asks to have the wood turned over, and she does. Again he sniffs top to bottom and starts to scratch his head.

The owner is getting excited because he thinks he’s fooled the old guy. Then suddenly the old guy responds, “Wait a minute, I’ve got it. It’s the crap house door off a tuna boat!”


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