Three Rich Men

Three rich men were boasting up how expensive the gifts are they just gave to their wives.

Rich Man No. 1: My wife wanted these elegant set of silverware for her kitchen, so I bought her several sets.

Rich Man No. 2: I got you bet. My wife wanted a magnificent pieces of gold and platinum jewelries, so I bought her a whole bunch.

Rich Man No. 3: Oh you and your poor wives. My wife is a discontent, demanding woman, but I was able to give her everything she asked for and more. I got her silver, gold, and all sorts of precious metals in the world.

Rich Man No. 1: Liar. You can’t possibly afford all that.

Rich Man No. 2: Yes, we’re both richer than you. How is that even possible?

Rich Man No. 3: Easy. I gave her a periodic table.


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