8 Reasons Not to Jog

1. My grandfather started jogging two miles a day when she was 60. She’s 98 now and we don’t know where on earth he is.

2. The only good reason to do jogging is to hear heavy breathing again.

3. Joined a jog club and paid $500, but no weight loss. They say it was my fault for not showing up during sessions. With that kind of payment requirement, I didn’t know I have to show up to see results.

4. Stretching before a jog might break my bones.

5. If God want us to touch our toes during exercise, he should have put further up where the hands can reach them easily.

6. I only like long walks when they’re to get away from annoying people.

7. My flabby stomach hides my other imperfections.

8. Exercising everyday mean dying healthy but early. I’d rather live long, actually.


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