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Bigger Problems

An old man came to his doctor’s office and asked for a consultation about a very sensitive problem. “I fart all the time, Doctor Miller. On my way here until just before we’re about to talk, I’ve farted more than ten times. They’re odorless and soundless, but they still bother me. What do I do?”

Doctor Miller gave him a prescription pill and advised him to take it twice a day for one week. “Come back to me after and we’ll check your progress,” said the doctor.

The following week, the old man came barging to the doctor all angry and confused. “Doctor, those pills you gave me didn’t work. If anything, it’s gotten worse. I’m farting just as much, but now they smell awful! What do I do now?”

The doctor coolly replied, “Keep calm, Sir. Now that your olfactory senses are working. Let’s work on your hearing.”


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