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Like a Supermodel

A cosmetic surgeon was sitting in his consulting room chatting to a friend when a beautiful woman walked in, kissed the surgeon and said: “Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I felt ugly before, but now you have turned me into a princess.”

When the gorgeous lady left the room, the friend asked: “Wow, who was that? You’ve certainly done a good job on her.”

The surgeon replied: “Oh, that was my mother.” And they continued their conversation.

A few minutes later, another beautiful lady walked into the room. Even more stunning than the first, she, too, kissed the surgeon and said: “Thank you so much. You have made me look twenty years younger. The facelift and liposuction have done wonders for me.”

As she left, the friend exclaimed: “Wow, she looks like a supermodel! Who was she?”


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