New Bar Manager

“Morning,” said one of the men, eyeing the saucer on the bar. “Glad to see you found some snuff.”

“I said I would,” said the bar manager, quietly keeping his fingers crossed as the old man helped himself to a large portion.

The man sniffed intently and said to the manager: “Can you smell dog shit?”

“No,” mumbled the manager unconvincingly.

Then the second man, who had been hanging up his coat, wandered over and took a pinch from the saucer. “There’s a smell of dog shit around here!” he exclaimed.

Again the manager mumbled that he couldn’t smell anything.

Just then, a third elderly man entered. “Bill,” the first man called, “come over here!”

Bill strolled over.

“Can you smell dog shit?” asked the first man. “Because I can and Bert can, but the bar manager can’t.”

Bill sniffed the air deeply, twice. “Can’t smell a thing,” he said. “But wait a minute.” He then took two big pinches of the “snuff” – one in each nostril – from the saucer on the bar, and sniffed again. “Ah, I can smell dog shit now, right enough,” he said. “This must be good snuff – it really clears your nose.”


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