A man was in a doctor’s office and the doctor walked in and said, “Ok what do you need today sir.”

The man pulled down his pants and showed the doctor his beat up, bruised, and bleeding p.nis.

The doctor said, “Damn how did you do that?”

The man said, “Well I live in a trailer, and every night I have noticed that the woman in the trailer next to mine at exactly 9:00pm, she moves her rug where there is a hole in the floor, she sticks a hot dog in the hole and m.sturbates with it.

So one day I got an idea at 8:45pm I would go under her trailer and when she put the hot dog in the hole I would pull it out and stick my p.nis in the hole.

So that night I did, and it was going great until someone knocked on the door and she tried to kick it under the oven!”


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