Three Pastors

Three pastors in a certain denomination – an American, a Chinese and a Jamaican – were having some difficulty making a decision regarding their Sunday church offering; specifically, which portion they should keep as salary, and which portion should go to the Lord. The American said,

“Whenever I collect the offering and the service is through, I put the money in a box, go outside, take a stick and draw a line on the floor and throw the money in the air. Whatever falls on the right is for the Lord and whatever falls on the left is mine.” The Chinese said,

“I put money in box, I don’t draw line – I draw circle! I stand in center, throw box wit money in air – whatever fall on outside is mine and what fall inside is for Lord.”

The Jamaican then replied: “Mi naw draw circle, mi naw draw line. All me do is put de money inna one box and fling it inna de air…. whateva de Lawd want, him betta grab it quick, cause what drop on de ground a fo mi!”


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