Mental Hospital

Withdrawing a slide rule from his pocket, the patient calculates rapidly, then swiftly packs up all his tools and turns back to the pedestrian, saying, “It is now precisely 3:29 pm, provided today is August 16th, which I believe it is.”

The man can’t help but be impressed by this demonstration, and sets his watch accordingly.

Before he leaves, he says to the patient, “That was really quite remarkable, but tell me, what do you do on a cloudy day, or at night, when the stick casts no shadow?”

The patient holds up his wrist and says, “I suppose I’d just look at my watch.”


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  1. A man driving past the asylum loses all five nuts from his tire and the tire falls off. He gets out and sees the problem and then notices that he has left his phone at his office. While he is trying to figure out what to do a patient yells from the inside of the asylum, ” Why don’t you take one lugnut from each of the other wheels and use them on the missing tire until you get to a service station. The guy thinks this is a good idea . When he had finished the turned to the inmate and says, “I thought you people were crazy?”
    The inmate replied, “We are. But we are not stupid!”

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