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The Investment Banker

A kindergarten had received a number of complaints from parents regarding the state of a hawthorn hedge that surrounded the school playground. It was so long and thorny in places that several people – including children – had received scratches. The town council had rejected all calls to trim the hedge, so the school decided to undertake the task themselves and proposed cutting back the hedge every three months to ensure that it stayed in shape and posed no danger.

To this end, the school formed a special committee of parent volunteers, each of whom took responsibility for a particular aspect of the operation. The key area was finance, and since one of the parents was an investment banker, the committee thought he would be the ideal person to set up an account from which money could be drawn to cover the costs associated with maintaining the hedge.

But when he was approached, the investment banker firmly declined, saying: “There’s no way I’m getting involved in any more hedge funds.”


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