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The Fence

A man strolls into a pharmacy and asks the assistant for some condoms.

She asks, “What size please?”

“Good question,” he replies, “I’m not sure,”

“Tell ya what. Right outside, there’s a fence with three holes in it, stick your d**k in the holes and tell me which one it fits in,” suggests the lady.

So he takes her advice, goes outside and puts his d**k in the first hole. A woman walks past, see’s his dick and starts feeling it.

The man thinks, “Hey, this ain’t too bad.”

Then he puts his dick in the second hole, another woman walks by, and gives him a blow job. At this point, he is literally blown away.

He quickly shoves his d**k in the last hole, and yet another woman walks by, and she starts to shag him.

After they are done rocking, he high-steps it back inside and goes to the counter.

The assistant asks “What size then?”

“Forget the condoms,” says the man, “how much for the fence?”


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