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The Engineer

A Scotch, Please!

The bartender asked a guy sitting at the bar: “What’ll you have?” The guy answered: “A scotch, please.” The bartender handed him the drink and said: “That’ll be $5.” The guy said: “What are you talking about? I don’t owe you anything for this.”

A lawyer, sitting nearby and overhearing the conversation, said to the bartender: “You know, he’s got you there. In the original offer, which constitutes a binding contract upon acceptance, there was no stipulation of remuneration.”

The bartender was understandably unhappy, but said to the guy: “Okay, I’ll let you off this time, but don’t ever let me catch you in here again.” The next day, the same guy walked into the bar. The bartender said: “What the hell are you doing in here? I thought I told you to steer clear of this joint. I can’t believe you’ve got the never to come back.”

The guy said innocently: “What are you talking about? I’ve never been in this place in my life.” Fearing that he had made a mistake, the bartender backed down. “I’m very sorry,” he said, “but the likeness is uncanny. You must have a double.”

The guy replied: “Thanks. Make it a scotch.”


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