The Angry Lion

In the heart of the jungle, two monkeys were sitting in a tree beneath which a lion was sleeping peacefully. One monkey said to the other: “I dare you to go down there and kick that lion in the butt!”

Feeling mischievous, the other monkey said: “Okay, I’ll do it.”

So he ran down the tree, kicked the lion as hard as he could in the butt, and then

made his escape by racing off through the jungle. Roused from his slumbers, the angry lion immediately gave chase and was soon gaining fast on the monkey until he was only about fifty yards behind him. Realizing he had to act quickly to avoid being eaten by the lion, the monkey picked up a newspaper that was lying on the ground and sat on a tree stump pretending to read it.

A few moments later, the lion arrived on the scene. “Did you see a monkey pass this way just now?” asked the lion.

The monkey replied: “Do you mean the one that kicked the lion in the butt?”

“Damn!” said the lion. “Don’t tell me it’s in the papers already!”