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Talk Dirty Things

The woman had two female parrots who knew how to say only one thing: “Hey, we are sluts. Let’s have some fun!” They kept yelling it all the time until the woman got mad and brought them to a priest.

– Father, please, advise what to do with my female parrots. They talk dirty things all the time.

– I know what to do. I have got two male parrots that are taught to praise Jesus Christ and read the prayer. We will put your female parrots into their cage and my male parrots will teach them good manners.

In two minutes they let the female parrots into the cage with the male parrots that were reading the prayer. Immediately the female parrots yelled out the only thing they knew: “Hey, we are sluts. Let’s have some fun!”

One of the male parrots looked at his friend and said:

– St. Patrick, put your prayer aside. Jesus answered our prayers!


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