Here’s How I Imagine Animals Behave When You Aren’t Looking (20 Pics)

My name is Julien Tabet, and I am a young Frenchman who pretends to make art with a computer.

I’m not passionate about photoshop as I don’t believe that software can be a passion. Nevertheless, imagining the improbable fascinates me. I love to surprise people. I feel that I can offer something fresh to their lives and break them out of their boring routine, by offering a perspective.

My works deal mainly with animals for a lot of reasons. Animals are different from humans because they are so much more humble and innocent. But what I like the most is that they can be mysterious due to their anonymity. I love to dream up the way animals act when we aren’t watching them, kind of like “Toy Story.”

Oh ! Yes ! I’m 21 years old. For 21 years I have enjoyed observing my surroundings, however, after 21 years I also got tired and bored with what surrounds me – so I got creative. A year ago I was having fun manipulating photos of all kinds to kill my boredom and today you are reading this article. Some people call me now even call me ‘an artist,’ it’s crazy!

Believe in yourself.

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1. Liberty

2. Stormy

3. Temporary Beauty

4. Monarchy

5. Hidden

6. Symphony

7. Responsability

8. Reborn Cheetah

9. Sport Coaches

10. Escape This World

11. Summer Is Coming

12. Peaceful

13. Secret Garden

14. Dexterity

15. Predatory

16. Eternity

17. Diversity

18. Happy Halloween

19. Cadency

20. Calvary


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