One day a woman carrying triplets went into labor. Her husband was out fishing and had the car for the day so the woman had to walk to the hospital just a few blocks away. She decided to take a shortcut through an alley. While she was walking through, she was shot in the stomach. The woman however, survived the ordeal with her three children unscathed.

16 years later, one of the children, who is a girl, went to the mother and said, “Mom, Mom, guess what? I peed a bullet.” So the mother told her daughter the story of how she was shot.

The next day, another one of the triplets, who is also a girl, goes to her mother and tells her, “Mom, Mom, I just peed a bullet.” So again, the mother tells her other daughter the story of how she was shot. The next day the third triplet, who is a boy, comes to the mother. The mother said, “Let me guess, you peed a bullet.”

“No,” the son said, “I was jacking off and I shot the dog!”


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