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The Engineer

Like a Supermodel

A cosmetic surgeon was sitting in his consulting room chatting to a friend when a beautiful woman walked in, kissed the surgeon and said: “Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I felt ugly before, but now you have turned me into a princess.”

When the gorgeous lady left the room, the friend asked: “Wow, who was that? You’ve certainly done a good job on her.” The surgeon replied: “Oh, that was my mother.” And they continued their conversation.

A few minutes later, another beautiful lady walked into the room. Even more stunning than the first, she, too, kissed the surgeon and said: “Thank you so much. You have made me look twenty years younger. The facelift and liposuction have done wonders for me.”

As she left, the friend exclaimed: “Wow, she looks like a supermodel! Who was she?” “Oh,” replied the surgeon nonchalantly, “that was my wife.” And they carried on with their conversation.

A few minutes later, a third beautiful woman walked in, this one even more gorgeous than the other two. She had a perfect body with breasts to die for. She walked over to the surgeon, slapped him hard around the face and yelled: “You b.stard! Look what you have done to my body! You’ve ruined my life!”

As the woman stormed out, the friend looked at the surgeon in bewilderment. The surgeon shook his head sadly and said: “Let’s not talk about it. That was my father.”


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